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Mon, 05/04/2020 | University of Washington

A&A's Taylor Reynolds honored as Husky 100

The Husky 100 recognizes 100 UW students who are making the most of their time at the UW.

Wed, 04/29/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

Aerospace turns the tide on marine energy

A&A's Owen Williams advises how to map the hydrodynamics of marine cross-flow turbines to advance cost-effective industry standards.

Wed, 04/22/2020 | UW CoMotion

UW innovators battling climate change

CoMotion highlights A&A fusion energy spinoff CTFusion as a champion of the environment.

Fri, 04/17/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

Dr. Erik Hurlen joins A&A faculty

Erik Hurlen joins A&A as an Associate Teaching Professor, starting in the fall quarter.

Mon, 04/06/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

Affiliate professor Robert Dougherty wins AIAA aeroacoustics award

Robert Dougherty, who teaches Aircraft Noise in A&A, won the AIAA 2020 Aeroacoustics Award.

Thu, 04/02/2020 | UW College of Arts & Sciences

500 years of innovation

A&A Chair Kristi Morgansen celebrates Leonardo DaVinci's study of nature to inspire engineering.

Tue, 03/31/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

Kourosh Hadi named A&A's Distinguished Alumnus 2020

Boeing's Kourosh Hadi is being honored for his contributions to the field of aeronautics and to the department.

Mon, 03/30/2020 | Crosscut

Human Elements: Through origami, science unfolds

A&A's JK Yang informs design, medicine and the future of space travel with a single sheet of folding paper.

Mon, 03/23/2020 | Seeker

Why engineers turned to origami to create reality-bending metamaterials

A&A researchers have developed a solution to help reduce impact forces, harvest energy for electronics, and more.

Mon, 03/23/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

Updating Apollo 11

Researchers show us what we gain by applying optimization algorithms to the iconic mission.

Tue, 03/10/2020 | PC Games

Kerbal Space Program 2 heads to space while grounded in science

Professor Uri Shumlak advises Kerbal Space Program 2, a video game grounded in orbital physics for interstellar travel.

Fri, 03/06/2020 | UW Undergraduate Academic Affairs

UW Honors students use art to disrupt the narrative on homelessness

A&A's Danny Roberts curates part of an exhibit to change the narrative of homelessness with "Real Change."

Wed, 03/04/2020 | UW College of Engineering

Accelerating innovation

The Jones + Foster Accelerator has helped engineering students propel their startups toward a sustainable future. 

Wed, 02/26/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

Society of Women Engineers awardees

A&A's Jaspreet Kaur Sidhu and Sarah Li received Outstanding Female Awards by the UW Society of Women Engineers.

Tue, 02/25/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

A&A CubeSat secures exclusive NASA spot

NASA picks A&A's CubeSat for the CubeSat Launch Initiative, providing preparation services and a ride into space.

Fri, 02/21/2020 | NASA

NASA announces next round of candidates for CubeSat space missions

A&A’s CubeSat Soc-I wins exclusive spot in NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative, securing a launch as soon as 2021.

Wed, 02/19/2020 | Popular Mechanics

Revolutionizing rocket launches

Popular Mechanics delves into James Koch's mathematical breakthrough explaining the behavior of a rotating detonation engine.

Tue, 02/18/2020 | UW News

More efficient rockets

Ph.D. student James Koch's research on rotating detonation engines may aid in building cheaper, lighter spacecraft.

Wed, 02/05/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

The "Paper Boys" deliver

ECE's James Rosenthal and A&A's Charlie Kelly unpack attention-grabbing science headlines with levity in an engaging podcast.

Mon, 01/27/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

Brooke Owens Fellows

The Brooke Owens Fellowship has selected A&A's Kristina Dong and Monica Kim for the 2020 cohort of Fellows.

Fri, 01/24/2020 | IOP Science

New book on Particle Tracking Velocimetry

A&A Professor Dana Dabiri and 2019 alum Charles Pecora published a new book "Particle Tracking Velocimetry."

Tue, 01/14/2020 | UW Aero & Astro

Good vibrations

A&A's Chun-Wei Chen contains energy for better structures, smoother rides, and higher efficiency.

Thu, 12/26/2019 | Seattle Times

Federal space push is an opportunity for Washington

A&A Chair Kristi Morgansen quoted in Seattle Times on the opportunity for the UW with new federal space activities.

Fri, 12/20/2019 | UW Aero & Astro

A&A's Little to develop data science methods for plasma optimization

A&A professor Justin Little won an award from the Air Force to apply data science methods to plasma physics.

Wed, 12/18/2019 | The Seattle Times

Amazon to launch new satellite-communications headquarters in Redmond

A&A Chair Kristi Morgansen is quoted on the growing satellite activity in the Seattle area and the corresponding challenge of space debris.