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Group of people standing in a room during a research showcase event

Mon, 06/17/2024

Next-generation aerospace research on display

The annual A&A Graduate Research Showcase highlighted cutting-edge projects, with awards for work on plasma modeling, hypersonics, and more.

Closeup of a remote controlled aircraft

Fri, 06/14/2024

A&A’s DBF soars to best finish ever

Design Build Fly secured an impressive 3rd place finish at the AIAA competition with their innovative aircraft.

Group of people looking at a poster during a showcase event

Mon, 06/10/2024

Undergraduate research and capstones shine

A&A presented impressive undergrad research & capstones at the annual SHARC Week showcase.

Annika Singh headshot

Wed, 05/15/2024

Annika Singh awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarship

CSE student Annika Singh awarded Mary Gates Scholarship to advance safe human-robot interaction in A&A lab.

Conceptual illustration of a modular space station orbiting earth, featuring multiple interconnected cylindrical modules.

Mon, 05/13/2024

Revolutionizing space rendezvous: Testing a groundbreaking precision tool for Blue Origin

Research for Blue Origin on April Tags aims to advance precise space rendezvous.

Lillie LaPlace headshot

Mon, 05/06/2024

A&A undergraduate Lillie LaPlace wins Sigma Gamma Tau regional award

A&A student Lillie LaPlace awarded prestigious Sigma Gamma Tau honor for academic excellence and vision.

John Shaw headshot

Mon, 04/29/2024

Lt. Gen. John Shaw is the 2024 A&A Distinguished Alum

Q&A with General Shaw about his time at the UW, his career, national security and his advice for our students.

Ed Habtour

Mon, 04/29/2024

Unlocking new frontiers in underwater vehicle maneuverability

Professor Habtour to work on underwater autonomous vehicles during naval research fellowship.

Rear Admiral Nicholas Tilbrook speaking in Guggenheim Hall with a slideshow.

Wed, 04/17/2024 | Defense Visual Information Distribution Service

Commander, Submarine Group Nine visits University of Washington

Rear Adm. Nicholas Tilbrook discussed nuclear submarine technology and opportunities with the Naval Reserve.

Three people standing smiling to the camera

Fri, 04/05/2024

Props to Junior Lab’s new mini wind tunnels

Graduate student assistants make mini wind tunnels for more hands-on experience in Junior Lab.

Evelyn Madewell headshot

Thu, 04/04/2024

A&A makes a RUCKUS in search and rescue

Undergrad Evelyn Madewell tells us about a new drone-enhanced system for wilderness search and rescue.

Jimmy O'Neil headshot

Wed, 04/03/2024

Origami manufacturing technique leads to breakthrough for softer impacts

Jimmy O’Neil proves origami tubes deliver softer impacts and breaks a manufacturing barrier with broad applications.

render of a group of rockets on a station

Tue, 03/19/2024

Onboard decision-making record

A&A researchers are the first to meet an elusive NASA requirement of subsecond onboard decisions for planetary landings.

Microscopic visualization of a shear flow

Mon, 03/11/2024

Turbulent droplet surprises

A new droplet simulation method accelerates answers and uncovers new secrets in turbulent shear flows.

Senna Keesing headshot

Thu, 02/22/2024

A&A’s Senna Keesing wins Brooke Owens Fellowship

An interview with Senna Keesing on her research with particle physics, submarine navigation and her Fellowship win.

Mehran Mesbahi headshot

Wed, 02/14/2024

Mesbahi elected AIAA Fellow

Professor Mehran Mesbahi will be formally inducted into the 2024 class of AIAA Fellows.

Headshot of Professor Hermanson

Tue, 02/06/2024 | KUOW

One option for slowing down climate change? Block out the sun

KUOW interviews Professor Hermanson on the technical feasibility of sun shields, a proposed solution to combat climate change.

Quentin Roberts

Fri, 02/02/2024

Roberts wins AIAA Abe M. Zarem Graduate Award

Quentin Roberts won the AIAA Abe M. Zarem award for his rotating detonation engine research with propellant mixing.

Headshot of Stephanie Bostwick

Thu, 02/01/2024 | UW College of Engineering

A&A alumna Stephanie Bostwick wins Diamond Award

A&A alumna Stephanie Bostwick wins a College of Engineering Diamond Award for her work on solar microgrids.

Headshot of Senna Keesing with Brooke Owens logo

Tue, 01/30/2024 | Brooke Owens Fellowship

Senna Keesing receives Brooke Owens Fellowship

A&A undergrad Senna Keesing joins the latest class of "Brookies" and will intern with Vast Space this summer.

group smiling to the camera during a facilities tour

Mon, 01/29/2024

A&A students learn a new model of aerospace manufacturing from local CEO

Autonomous Machining CEO Mike Dunlop shares his innovative approach to aerospace manufacturing with A&A students.

Marc Alwan headshot

Thu, 01/25/2024

Marc Alwan awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Marc Alwan, a member of Husky Satellite Lab’s leadership team, is awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholarship.

Behçet Açıkmeşe headshot

Thu, 01/25/2024

Generating dynamically feasible trajectories reliably and efficiently

Professor Açikmeşe received the IEEE 2023 Control Systems Magazine Outstanding Paper Award.

Kevin Manojar headshot

Mon, 01/22/2024

A&A PhD student Kevin Manohar receives Herbold Fellowship

A&A PhD student Kevin Manohar receives Herbold Fellowship to research models for turbulent flow.

Headshots of Ed Habtour and Lauren Kuehne

Mon, 12/18/2023

Adapting an inclusive workshop

A&A adapts a workshop model to strengthen engineering student applications for fellowships and create community.