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Alumni are essential to our department’s success, and we invite you to stay connected no matter what year you graduated. Get involved by mentoring a student or stay updated on current news by subscribing to our newsletter! We have many ways to connect with A&A and help shape the next generation of aerospace engineers.




Featured distinguished alumni awardees


We recognize Distinguished Alumni annually to honor their substantial, life-long contributions to the field of aerospace engineering in a spirit of intellectual curiosity, exploration, integrity, and service.
Howard Hu

Howard Hu, 2023

Hu served in a number of Orion leadership positions, including manager of avionics, power, and software, as well as deputy manager of the Vehicle Integration Office.

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Alum Mike Taniguchi, 2022

For Mike, the thrill of working on liquid rocket propulsion systems for over forty years has always been the controlled “fire and smoke” needed for successful maneuvering and booster stages.

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Mike Taniguchi
Anita Gale

Alumna Anita Gale, 2021

“You need to be open. If something is pulling you to do something philanthropic, embrace the opportunity. Part of being human is to enrich the experiences in the lives of others.”

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