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For Prospective Graduate Students

Our department offers both professional and research-based graduate degrees.

A professional master's degree will prepare students to apply current research and technology in an industrial setting. A research-based degree will emphasize both applications and theory and prepare students to conduct advanced independent research. Many of our programs offer the opportunity to complete a degree part-time and/or via online learning.

Graduate research degrees

Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics (MSAA)
For students who are interested in pursuing an advanced, research-oriented degree for a career in industry, government, engineering sciences or in preparation for a PhD.

Application deadline: December 15

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Our PhD program will train you for leadership roles in academia, industry, and at top engineering research institutions.

Application deadline: December 15

Graduate professional degrees

Master of Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
A part-time (three-year), specialized degree program for working professionals seeking application-oriented engineering skills and experience needed in industry. Online or evening options. 

Application deadline: Priority Deadline April 1, Final Deadline August 1

Non-degree seeking students

Our department accepts Graduate Non-matriculated (GNM) applications for any of the three regular academic quarters. GNM applications should be submitted as early as possible.

Click here for more information on GNM admissions, deadlines, and enrollment.

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