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Master of Aerospace Engineering

The Master of Aerospace Engineering (MAE) is a three-year professional master’s degree in aerospace engineering with remote once-per-week evening classes. Tenured faculty and industry professionals teach our multidisciplinary courses to help you advance in aerospace or make the transition from a related engineering field.

This is our most flexible degree. You have the option to attend classes remotely or in-person. Your employer may have a program to cover the cost of tuition.

Once admitted to the MAE program, students declare an area of concentration. The area of concentration will appear on your record. Currently, we offer concentrations in:

See MAE Degree Requirements and Graduate Funding for more details.

If you are interested in research or a possible continuation to a PhD, you should consider our Master of Science in Aeronautics & Astronautics. The MAE is a coursework-only degree that does not lead to a PhD.

Previous academic preparation: The Master of Aerospace Engineering is a technical engineering degree. Most admitted applicants hold undergraduate degrees in aerospace or mechanical engineering.

Undergraduate degrees in other fields may be acceptable if you have completed fundamental engineering and math coursework. (For an example of appropriate math and engineering fundamentals, please see the requirements outlined in our Bachelor of Science curriculum).

Professional experience, though highly desirable, is not accepted in lieu of college-level coursework.

Minimum GPA and exam scores: The University of Washington Graduate School requires an applicant to have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be considered eligible for admission. Beyond this, we do not maintain a fixed minimum for either GPA or exam scores. GRE Scores no longer factor into admissions decisions. However, admission is competitive, and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

For Autumn 2024:

  • Priority Deadline April 1
  • Final Deadline August 1 

We encourage you to apply by the priority deadline of April 1. We will review applications received between April 2 and August 1 on a space available basis. We do not accept applications received after the August 1 deadline.

You will begin your application for admission through the UW Graduate School's online application system. You will submit all materials, including letters of recommendation, electronically through this system. Once you submit your application, it is routed to us in the A&A Department for review.

Required application materials: You must provide all of the following materials in order for your application to be considered complete and eligible for review. NOTE: GRE Scores no longer factor into admissions decisions.

  1. Electronic application 
  2. Resume
  3. Transcripts

    We only want transcripts from institutions where you have received or will receive a degree as well as anywhere you have completed engineering fundamental coursework

    You should attach unofficial electronic transcripts to your electronic application. These are documents generated by the institution. A scan of an official transcript is strongly preferred. However, an unofficial transcript or "academic history" generated by an online student portal may also be acceptable. We do not accept paper transcripts.

    Transcripts must clearly show the institution's name, your name, a list of all courses taken and all grades received, as well as the title and date of any degrees conferred. Transcripts must be in PDF format.

    Anything that appears to be self-generated or otherwise lacking in the information specified above will not be considered valid (this includes "copy and pasting" from a website) and may be grounds for declining an application. Illegible or indecipherable documents may also negatively impact an application. We reserve the right to require further documentation, up to and including an official transcript, prior to reaching a final decision.
  4. Statement of purpose

    In about 600 words or less (2 pages double spaced): Please provide an overview of your reasons for pursuing this graduate degree, your previous preparation, your experience and interests, your plans for seeing this degree through to completion, and any other relevant information. A Statement of purpose should convey additional information not available on your transcripts or resume.
  5. Two (2) letters of recommendation (may be submitted after April 1 for priority applications)

    We prefer letters from academic references, but relevant professional references are also acceptable. Strong letters will be substantive, specific, and will address (1) your technical experience and research ability, (2) your likelihood of success in graduate-level studies, and (3) the relevance/appropriateness of the MAE program for your future goals.
  6. English proficiency

    The UW requires proficiency in English for graduate study. Any applicant whose native language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency as determined by the UW Graduate School in Policy 3.2. If you are using an exam to meet the English proficiency requirement, then we must receive your test scores by the application deadline.

We do not review any applications until after the deadline has passed. All applications received between April 2 and August 1 will be reviewed after the August 1 deadline. You can monitor the status of your application by logging in to the application system. If we have any questions or concerns regarding your application, we will contact you.

We strive to provide decisions for those who meet the priority deadline in mid-May. However, the actual date of notification will vary depending on factors such as the size of the applicant pool. We will make decisions for applications reviewed after August 1 in early September. We will notify applicants via email when we make a final decision.

Online courses are available for all students (including international students) in the MAE program.

Courses completed online have the exact same content (i.e., lectures, assignments, exams, and evaluation) as courses completed on campus. Students in online courses may view lectures via live webcast or access them after they have been recorded. You can complete homework and exams remotely. We hold you to the same deadlines and standards of performance regardless of if you attend class online or in person.

Click here for further details about online learning.

We welcome international applicants who hold an appropriate undergraduate degree from an accredited university to apply to the MAE program.

However, since the MAE is a part-time program, our international students are not eligible for student visas. You will be solely responsible for any and all documentation necessary to enter or remain in the United States. The UW will not issue visas to students in this degree program. You can complete the MAE degree completely remotely.

For international applications, you must provide legible, fully translated copies of your undergraduate transcripts if they are not in English.

Alumni spotlights

Kaleigh Gerlich

Kaleigh Gerlich

"After I completed my degree, I was able to transfer jobs within the company to a position directly aligned with my MAE degree concentration in Fluids and Controls - this was a major highlight of my career and leadership trajectory!"

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Krystof Lis

Krystof Lis

"With the advice of my mentors, I knew this masters degree would accelerate my development as a GNC engineer. This program was the right fit for me due to its flexible schedule and a manageable work/life/school balance."

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