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Affiliates, Adjuncts, and Emeriti

Name Title Organization
Avery, William Affiliate Professor Cannon Engineering and Amazon Prime Air
Bauer, Pascal Affiliate Professor Ecole National Superieure de Mecanique et d'Aerotechnique, France
Broyles, Danny Affiliate Assistant Professor United States Air Force
Chappelle, Douglas Affiliate Associate Professor The Boeing Company
Cummings, Mary Affiliate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University
Deleo, Francesco Affiliate Assistant Professor TerraPower
Dougherty, Robert Affiliate Professor OptiNav, Inc.
Golingo, Ray Affiliate Assistant Professor Fuse Energy Technologies Corp.
Gunther, Scott Affiliate Associate Professor The Boeing Company
Hansen, Chris Affiliate Associate Professor Columbia University
Ihn, Jeong-Beom Affiliate Associate Professor The Boeing Company
Lum, Chris Affiliate Associate Professor The Boeing Company
Mavriplis, Dimitri Affiliate Professor Scientific Simulations
McGeer, Brian Theodore (Tad) Affiliate Associate Professor Aerovel
McLean, Harry Affiliate Professor Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Mehlhorn, Thomas Affiliate Professor Consultant, HB11 Energy USA and Adjunct Professor, Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan
Meier, Eric Affiliate Associate Professor Zap Energy
Miller, Jeffrey Affiliate Professor The Boeing Company
Mohaghegh, Michael Affiliate Associate Professor The Boeing Corporation
Mor, Marat Affiliate Associate Professor  
Muir, Eric Affiliate Assistant Professor The Boeing Company
Najmabadi, Kioumars Affiliate Professor The Boeing Company
Nelson, Chester Paul Affiliate Associate Professor The Boeing Company (Retired)
Schmidt, Eckart Affiliate Associate Professor Consultant, Hazardous Materials
Stanley, Steven Affiliate Professor Blue Origin
Szmuk, Miki Affiliate Assistant Professor Amazon Prime Air
Terreau, Thomas Affiliate Assistant Professor Blue Origin
Varanasi, Rao Affiliate Professor The Boeing Company (Retired)
Waas, Tony Affiliate Professor Arizona State University
Wollschlager, Jeffrey Affiliate Assistant Professor Altair Engineering
Ziemba, Tim Affiliate Assistant Professor Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc.
Zube, Dieter Affiliate Associate Professor Aerojet Rocketdyne
Name Title Research Areas

Aliseda, Alberto

A&A Adjunct Professor
PACCAR Endowed Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Fluid mechanics, Dynamics of multiphase flows, Gas exchange between atmosphere and ocean, Atomization of liquids in combustion.

Brunton, Steve

A&A Adjunct Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Combining techniques in dimensionality reduction, sparse sensing, and machine learning for the data-driven discovery and control of complex dynamical systems.

Devasia, Santosh


A&A Adjunct Professor
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Robotics, Manufacturing, Feed Forward Control, Nanopositioning, Biomimetric Cilia, Air Traffic Control.

Hu, Jingwei


A&A Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor - AMATH
Kinetic Theory, Multiscale Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Scientific Computing.

Poovendran, Radha


A&A Adjunct Professor
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Applied cryptography for network security, Information theory and game theory, Resource allocation problems, Discrete algorithms and optimization in networks, Cyber-physical systems, Deception, Control modeling of security.

Ratliff, Lillian


A&A Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Electrical & Computer Engineering, recipient of the Dhanani Endowed Faculty Fellowship
Data science, Robotics and Controls.

Shean, David

A&A Adjunct Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Engineering and Environment, Autonomous Vehicles, Remote Sensing, Satellite Mission Operations.

Wiebe, Richard

A&A Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor - Civil & Environmental Engineering
Structural Engineering and Mechanics.

Zobeiry, Navid

A&A Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor - Material Science & Engineering
Composites, Machine Learning, Advanced Manufacturing, and Materials Failure.

Bragg, Michael B.


Professor Emeritus Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, Aircraft Icing.

Bruckner, Adam P.
(206) 543-6143


Professor Emeritus Propulsion, Space Systems, Energy Conversion.
Christiansen , Walter H. Professor Emeritus Gas Dynamics, Energy Conversion, Fluid Mechanics.
Decher, Reiner
Professor Emeritus
Adjunct in Civil Engineering
Energy Conversion, Propulsion, Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics.
Hoffman, Alan L. Professor Emeritus Plasma Science, Fusion, Propulsion

Holsapple, Keith A.

Professor Emeritus Impact Processes, Planetary Sciences, Numerical Methods, Finite Element Methods, Structures.
Kurosaka, Mitsuru



Professor Emeritus Airbreathing Propulsion, Turbomachinery, Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer, Fluids
Mattick, Arthur T.
Associate Professor Emeritus Energy Conversion, Gas Physics, Heat Transfer.

Milroy, Richard


Research Professor Emeritus Plasma Science, Fusion, Propulsion.
Russell, David Professor Emeritus Aerodynamics, Gas Physics, Hypersonics, Fluid Dynamics.
Vagners, Juris
Professor Emeritus Automatic Control, Dynamic Systems, Optimization