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About us

A&A's groundbreaking impact

The University of Washington’s William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics (A&A) has advanced aerospace teaching, research, experimentation and discovery for over 100 years. Explore some of our unique contributions.

Finite element model rendering

Finite Element Method

Professor Harold Martin helped pioneer the Finite Element Method, a revolutionary method to create structural models with software.

Black and white image of the 1936 Kirsten Wind Tunnel

A&A Wind Tunnels

The Kirsten Wind Tunnel (1936) and the 3x3 Wind Tunnel (1918) have provided training and experience to students, and tested major aeronautical designs for over 100 years.

Collage of Professor Kirsten's photo in front of a chalkboard, mathematical renderings and the cycloidal propeller

Frederick Kirsten's Cycloidal Propeller

Professor Kirsten developed the first-of-its-kind cycloidal propeller, which Boeing invested in for both marine and aerial applications.

Explore the development of tomorrow's aerospace technologies

Every day the future is expanding in our labs. From the development of advanced unoccupied aerial vehicles to new aerodynamic techniques and unconventional space propulsion concepts, the faculty and students of UW Aero & Astro are honing the cutting edge of tomorrow's technologies.

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