AER Facilities

Aerospace Engineering Research (AER) Facilities

The A&A department engineering facilities include infrastructure necessary to support instruction and research.

Kirsten Wind TunnelKirsten Wind Tunnel
The Kirsten Wind Tunnel is a closed circuit, double return wind tunnel with a 10-foot long, 8' x 12' test section. Two sets of 14' 9"-diameter seven-bladed propellers move the air up to 200 MPH through the test section. Computer-automated model positioning and data acquisition system ensures testing efficiency and precise measurements, while a networked data reduction and plotting system allows for immediate data visibility. 
UWAA ShopC. Bossart Machine Shop
The Aeronautics and Astronautics shop offers the campus community a wide array of fabrication services for your research needs. We can assist in your design, prototype and fabrication during all phases of your project. We have a range of modern machining tools.
3x3 Wind Tunnel3' x 3' Low Speed Wind Tunnel
Open loop, with a test section (3ft x 3ft x 8ft), capable of speeds of 125 MPH.