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Conceptual illustration of a modular space station orbiting earth, featuring multiple interconnected cylindrical modules.

Space systems

Revolutionizing space rendezvous

Research for Blue Origin on April Tags aims to advance precise space rendezvous.

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Senna Keesing

A&A undergraduate and Brooke Owens Fellow

Senna Keesing possesses a diverse range of research interests spanning particle physics, submarine navigation, and, of course, aerospace engineering. Her research in the UW Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX) focuses on detecting a hypothetical particle that could explain dark matter. Her well-rounded education of the cosmos will serve her well for future work on planetary probes and deep space missions.

Bronze W


Keesing is a Brooke Owens fellow

Senna Keesing joins the latest class of "Brookies" and will intern with Vast Space this summer.

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