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Student facilities & meeting room access

Students can access the following facilities based on their training and affiliation with the A&A department:

Access prioritization

We prioritize the resources available to support the student experience as follows:

  1. Curriculum and Instruction
    For example: lab-based coursework, undergraduate student capstone, and graduate student thesis/dissertation completion.  Please note these requests are processed through your course.
  2. Faculty-led Sponsored Research
    For example: research projects funded through external sources such as grants and contracts. Please note these requests need to come through your faculty principle investigator (PI).
  3. Department-Affiliated Extracurricular Activities (RSOs)
    For example: design-build clubs and competitions.  Please note this process is covered in the resource materials on our A&A Student Clubs and Organizations page.  Generally one facilities liaison is appointed per group.  For questions, talk to your faculty RSO advisor.

General requirements

All students must complete the following steps to access the 3X3 Wind Tunnel, Machine Shop, Composites and Structures Lab and other equipment:

  1. Register for CORAL (No project is necessary to complete)
  2. Complete the following EHS Safety Trainings
  3. Register via CORAL and attend the general machine shop safety training that is offered on a weekly basis for Autumn Quarter