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Student facilities & meeting room access

Departmental spaces access prioritization

We prioritize the resources available to support the student experience as follows:

  1. Curriculum and Instruction
    For example: lab-based coursework, undergraduate student capstone, and graduate student thesis/dissertation completion.  Please note these requests are processed through your course.
  2. Faculty-led Sponsored Research
    For example: research projects funded through external sources such as grants and contracts. Please note these requests need to come through your faculty principle investigator (PI).
  3. Department-Affiliated Extracurricular Activities (RSOs)
    For example: design-build clubs and competitions.  Please note this process is covered in the resource materials on our A&A Student Clubs and Organizations page.  Generally one facilities liaison is appointed per group.  For questions, talk to your faculty RSO advisor.

Access requirements

Departmental Spaces

Students can access the following facilities based on their training and affiliation with the A&A department:

Faculty Labs

To get access to individual faculty labs, all students must be either/or registered for independent study credits or employed. The principal investigator (PI) must also ensure prior to approving access that the students have completed the general safety requirements and any lab-specific trainings that are required to maintain a healthy and safe lab space.

The Department reviews student access to faculty labs on a quarterly basis based on hiring and enrollment data. PI’s are contacted directly. To ensure you have access on the first day of the quarter, please register early and accept any offers of employment promptly.

Students who are not employed lose access to lab spaces between academic quarters due to the loss of liability coverage and to uphold fair labor practices.

Registered Student Organizations (RSO) Spaces

To get access to any RSO spaces, RSO members must register for AA299.

The Department reviews student access to RSO spaces on a quarterly basis based on enrollment in A&A 299 and works with advisors for the RSO’s to add students.

Other resources that are available for students who are not registered A&A or Space Grant students include:

  • The Mill - Open to all registered UW students. Students can also use The Mill over the summer if they are registered for autumn.
  • The 8 - RSOs can request dedicated space for their activities or use the space during the school year.

Student Desks

The Department provides a desk to all A&A PhD students as well as any other students who are hired as ASE (TA/RA/GSA) employees.

The Department assigns desks annually. The Graduate Program Manager works directly with faculty to assign desks and communicate to students regarding their assignments in late August every year.

A&A Computer Lab

The Department provides access to all currently registered A&A and Space Grant students. To receive access, students must be a registered A&A major or space grant student. This access is added when students are accepted to a program.

Other resources that are available for students who are not currently registered A&A or Space Grant students include:

  • College of Engineering Computer Lab - Any engineering major and students enrolled in an engineering course automatically get access to this lab.
  • UW Libraries -Students have access up to two quarters after their last quarter of registration
  • COE-VDI Remote Access - Any A&A student who is enrolled during the academic year maintains access over the summer regardless of registration status
  • Dawg Prints - other locations are available to print
  • Software for UW students, staff and employees (Please note Matlab is free for students)

Denton Room

The Department provides access to all A&A undergraduate students when registered.

General requirements for lab spaces (Departmental, Faculty and RSO)

All students must complete the following steps to access the 3X3 Wind Tunnel, Machine Shop, Composites and Structures Lab and other equipment:

  1. Register for CORAL (No project is necessary to complete)
  2. Complete the following EHS Safety Trainings
  3. Register via CORAL and attend the general machine shop safety training that is offered on a weekly basis for Autumn Quarter
  4. In addition to the general requirements for all lab spaces, there are site-specific safety trainings that must be completed prior to gaining access to the space. Please work with our facilities team ( for departmental lab spaces and your individual PI for faculty specific spaces to ensure you have completed all required trainings

Exception Requests

Any requests for access that do not meet the above requirements can be sent to via email for review. To ensure the most prompt response, please include both contacts on your request.

Any exception requests must be reviewed and approved by your faculty advisor prior to being considered by the department. Requests that are received without support from the faculty advisor will be denied.

Requests should include your full name, netID, space requested, reason, approximate dates/duration of use requested, and faculty approval (sharing the email thread is great!).