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Senna Keesing headshot

Thu, 02/22/2024

A&A’s Senna Keesing wins Brooke Owens Fellowship

An interview with Senna Keesing on her research with particle physics, submarine navigation and her Fellowship win.

Mehran Mesbahi headshot

Wed, 02/14/2024

Mesbahi elected AIAA Fellow

Professor Mehran Mesbahi will be formally inducted into the 2024 class of AIAA Fellows.

Headshot of Professor Hermanson

Tue, 02/06/2024 | KUOW

One option for slowing down climate change? Block out the sun

KUOW interviews Professor Hermanson on the technical feasibility of sun shields, a proposed solution to combat climate change.

Quentin Roberts

Fri, 02/02/2024

Roberts wins AIAA Abe M. Zarem Graduate Award

Quentin Roberts won the AIAA Abe M. Zarem award for his rotating detonation engine research with propellant mixing.

Headshot of Stephanie Bostwick

Thu, 02/01/2024 | UW College of Engineering

A&A alumna Stephanie Bostwick wins Diamond Award

A&A alumna Stephanie Bostwick wins a College of Engineering Diamond Award for her work on solar microgrids.

Headshot of Senna Keesing with Brooke Owens logo

Tue, 01/30/2024 | Brooke Owens Fellowship

Senna Keesing receives Brooke Owens Fellowship

A&A undergrad Senna Keesing joins the latest class of "Brookies" and will intern with Vast Space this summer.

group smiling to the camera during a facilities tour

Mon, 01/29/2024

A&A students learn a new model of aerospace manufacturing from local CEO

Autonomous Machining CEO Mike Dunlop shares his innovative approach to aerospace manufacturing with A&A students.

Marc Alwan headshot

Thu, 01/25/2024

Marc Alwan awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Marc Alwan, a member of Husky Satellite Lab’s leadership team, is awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholarship.

Behçet Açıkmeşe headshot

Thu, 01/25/2024

Generating dynamically feasible trajectories reliably and efficiently

Professor Açikmeşe received the IEEE 2023 Control Systems Magazine Outstanding Paper Award.

Kevin Manojar headshot

Mon, 01/22/2024

A&A PhD student Kevin Manohar receives Herbold Fellowship

A&A PhD student Kevin Manohar receives Herbold Fellowship to research models for turbulent flow.

Headshots of Ed Habtour and Lauren Kuehne

Mon, 12/18/2023

Adapting an inclusive workshop

A&A adapts a workshop model to strengthen engineering student applications for fellowships and create community.

fish swimming in the water

Wed, 11/22/2023

Supporting Tribal-led salmon monitoring using computer vision

UW researchers are developing a drone-based salmon survey method that the Sauk-Suiattle can use to manage resources.

Jasper Geldenbott

Fri, 11/17/2023

A&A undergraduate Jasper Geldenbott receives Levinson Emerging Scholars Award

Undergrad Jasper Geldenbott receives this award to pursue research to enable robots to navigate around pedestrians.

Headshot of Shahriar Talebi

Tue, 11/14/2023 | IEEE Xplore

IEEE interviews A&A alum Shahriar Talebi

IEEE Xplore interviews Shahriar Talebi (A&A PhD ‘23) on his dissertation in control theory and his PhD journey.

 Jim Hermanson headshot

Mon, 11/06/2023

Understanding cryogenic propellants for long-duration space missions

Professor Hermanson’s publication selected as Cryogenics Best Paper for advancement of propellant modeling.

A person is holding an award frame, surrounded by three other people.

Fri, 11/03/2023

Karen Leung is the Vagners-Christianson Endowed Faculty Fellow

Assistant Professor Karen Leung is the inaugural Vagners-Christianson A&A Faculty Fellow.

Justin Little headshot

Wed, 11/01/2023

A&A’s Justin Little receives DARPA Young Faculty Award

Little’s award is for research on extracting power from solar winds on the lunar surface.

Close up of black spider on a web

Mon, 10/23/2023

Engineering ‘spidey-senses’

Spiders can inform how we engineer sensing structures without sensors.

Collage of three headshots

Mon, 10/02/2023

A&A graduate students receive Aerospace Career Enhancement Fellowships

Nithin Adidela, Jared Smythe and Eddie Ting receive SPEAA ACE Fellowships to advance their research.

Bhuvana Srinivasan

Thu, 09/28/2023 | UW Research

New faculty spotlight: Bhuvana Srinivasan

Associate professor Bhuvana Srinivasan joins A&A’s faculty to advance nuclear fusion, space propulsion and more.

The UW Engineering Without Borders team in Nicaragua

Mon, 09/04/2023 | UW College of Engineering

International impact

A&A's Kyra Dugan makes an impact in a local water infrastructure in Nicaragua with UW's Engineers Without Borders.

2023 capstone team awards graphic

Mon, 08/14/2023

The 2023 capstone team awards

We announce the winners of the 2022 Capstone Film Fest and the Technical Excellence Awards.

2023 graduate research showcase awards graphic

Mon, 08/14/2023

2023 A&A Graduate Research Showcase

A&A’s 2nd annual Graduate Research Showcase featured cutting-edge research from our graduate students.

Howard Hu on YouTube

Tue, 08/01/2023 | A&A's YouTube Channel

Interview with NASA Orion Program Manager Howard Hu

A&A's Kenn Curry interviews Distinguished Alumnus Howard Hu on his best days at NASA, his A&A training, and more.

2023 undergraduate showcase awards graphic

Tue, 08/01/2023

Top three fin-tastic research posters awarded at SHARC Week’s undergraduate showcase

A&A recognizes three students for their innovative research at first-ever SHARC Week showcase for undergrads.