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Test Section



Schematic of the Test Section floor including dimensions

The port side of the test section is the observation deck. It provides a view of the model through a 44" x 87¼" window. The model deck also provides a view of the test section through two 28½" x 45" windows located in the two access doors. Opening both doors provides a 95" x 60" entrance to the test section.

The test section is vented to the atmosphere by two vents (5 feet long, 2 inches wide) located on the walls at the trailing edge of the test section. The vents keep the test section static pressure equal to approximately atmospheric pressure.

The upper-corner fillets have four 100-watt halogen lights on each side of the test section that can be turned on/off for obtaining the proper lighting conditions.

Test Section Cut Away View

Test Section Conditions

A detailed upflow and dynamic pressure calibration of the test section was conducted using a five-hole probe and a NACA 0015 wing to determine the flow qualities. The upflow angle is -0.012° for normal tests. Testing with calibration and commercial models have shown a negligible crossflow. A detailed survey of the test section using a hot-wire anemometer shows a nominal turbulence intensity of 0.72%. The average year-round temperature is 52.0°F with an average pressure of 2090.2 psf (readings taken from SeaTac International Airport).