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Model Support Effects

Model support equipment has an aerodynamic effect on the model. Several methods are available to correct the data for model support interference. These methods involve determining a strut/fork tare.

Standard fork tares

KWT has conducted tests with an image strut installed to determine the effects of all KWT forks on an NACA 0015 3D wing model. The tests produced standard tares based upon the lift of the wing so that they can be applied to an aircraft model.

Image strut/fork

KWT can install an image strut/fork, fairing, and pitch arm to mimic the model support in order to determine the actual aerodynamic effects (i.e. tare and interference) on the customer’s model. The whole strut tare process is time consuming since it involves running the model through two more sets of configurations, inverted and inverted with an image strut, in order to evaluate the effects for the desired upright configurations.

Image of Single Strut & Fairing With Boeing 757 Model