AER Facilities

Auxiliary Services

Model Design/Construction

KWT has aeronautical engineers who can assist in the design and supervision of manufacturing model parts through the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics machine shop. For larger projects involving the design and construction of complete models, local model builders can be subcontracted. Please see the Model Makers for a list of model builders. If special electrical instrumentation is required for a test, KWT can call upon several electrical engineers to assist in the design and/or setup of the equipment.

Data Analysis

Faculty and staff from within the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics can be called upon for their services in the fields of airplane design, gas and fluid dynamics, structures, control systems, propulsion, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). For customers with non-aero needs, faculty from around the campus can also be consulted. Rates for consulting services are determined on an individual basis.

Copy and Duplication Services

KWT has a standard 8½”x11”-format photocopier near the company room to meet the photocopying needs of the customer. KWT also has access to the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics larger photocopier which is capable of handling double-sided copies, document feeding, and paper sizes up to 11”x17”. For additional copy services, a University Copy Center is located a short walk from the Kirsten Wind Tunnel and is capable of producing color photocopies, 11”x17” copies, etc.

Internet Access

KWT has two computers that allow the customer to directly access the Internet and their email accounts. Both computers are not connected to the KWT network for increased data security. Customer computers can also be connected to the internet.

Vinyl Letters and Logos

The University of Washington Sign Shop, phone (206) 685-1491, can produce vinyl letters and logos with adhesive backing for placement on the model. Please provide one week notice so that the shop has enough time to produce the desired product. Typical costs for such projects are less than $100.