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To assist the customer in matching photographs/images with test conditions, a detailed photo log is created and updated by KWT personnel throughout the test. Photographs and images taken by KWT are kept on file for future referral.

Digital camera

Digital Cameras (2 Canon DSLRs models DS126291 and DS126571) are used as the standard for all photo-documentation of tests. Digital images are typically saved in JPEG format and provided to the customer either through a USB thumb drive, a secure file transfer (FTP), or on DVD-ROM at the end of the test. Typical image resolution is 2048x1536 pixels. Other digital formats can be supported if necessary.

Digital video camera

Two high-quality, Canon VIXIA HF R20 camcorders are available for recording such things as active flow visualization, typical test sequence, promotional video, etc. The final product of the digital video process is an MPEG-1 (760x480 pixels) format video file with an introduction describing the video clip. The digital video files are included with the final data.

Analog video cameras

Two Hi8-format video cameras are available for recording such things as active flow visualization. In addition, two remote-controlled tilt-pan-zoom video cameras are available for acquiring video. Video cameras are normally connected to a video-switch system for monitoring multiple cameras simultaneously.

Video frame capturing

Frames from any of the video signals being monitored can captured remotely and saved to disk as a JPEG image file. Automatic frame capturing is also possible. Each file has the run and testpoint number within the filename for correlation to test data.

Normal lighting

Four 500-watt halogen lamps and three, studio-quality, 600-watt quartz lamps are available to provide the optimal illumination for photography. The normal test section lights (seven, 100-watt halogen bulbs) can easily be replaced with photo-flood lights for better illumination. These four lamps combined with the test section lights provide the customer with a versatile lighting system.

Ultraviolet light

A Chauvet DJ TFX-BL125A Shadow 125 blacklight is available for image capturing. It is most typically used for getting clear and visually interesting images of china clay flow visualization.

Glamour photos

Occasionally, customers request that professional photos of their models be taken. For this purpose, KWT has equipment to take beautiful photos of wind tunnel models including two Canon DSLRs and several colored remote strobes.

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