AER Facilities


Five-hole probe

A five-hole probe can be used with the traverse rig to make flow velocity and angularity measurements around a model or elsewhere in the test section. The probe pressures can be reduced to give local velocity, cross-flow, and up-flow angles. The 7/8” probe is calibrated and contains a static ring. Available probes include:

Table 1: Dimensions of available five-hole probes

Total and Static Probes

Several total, static, and pitot-static probes are available:

Table 2: Dimensions of available total and static probes

20" Wake Rake Probe

The KWT survey rake can be used for studying the wakes of wings, tails, and/or nacelles: 20" span, 33 total heads, two static sources, and four claw-type yawheads. The following figure gives a general layout.

Boundary Layer Probes

The following boundary layer probes are designed for examining boundary layer profiles but can also be used for examining a flow field in more detail by taking closely spaced pressures.

6" rake : 6" span, 41 total heads, and 4 evenly spaced static sources. The total head spacing of 8 totals at 3/16" and 25 totals at 3/32".

5" L-shaped rake : 5" long leg, 1" short leg with 33 total heads and 3 evenly spaced static sources. The short leg has 8 totals in increasing density, the long leg has 25 totals in increasing density with a maximum density of 1 total per 1/16".

3" rake : 3" span, 19 total heads with the following spacing: 4 totals at 1/32", 4 totals at 1/16", 11 totals at 1/4".

Other Probes

Shielded total head tubes and a long static tube are also available for pressure measurements.