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Please call ahead if you plan to use any pressure probes so we can prepare any necessary instrumentation.

Five-hole probe

A five-hole probe can be used with the traverse rig to make flow velocity and angularity measurements around a model or elsewhere in the test section. The probe pressures can be reduced to give local velocity, cross-flow, and up-flow angles. The 7/8” probe is calibrated and contains a static ring. 

Other probes

Total and static probes

Several total, static, and pitot-static probes are available.

Wake rake probe

The KWT survey rake can be used for studying the wakes of wings, tails, and/or nacelles. Several rakes are available with varying spans.

Boundary layer probes

Boundary layer probes are designed for examining the boundary layer profiles but can also be used for examining a flow field in more detail by taking closely spaced pressure readings. Several boundary layer probes are available in varying shapes and sizes. 


Shielded total head tubes and long static tubes are also available for pressure measurements.