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Powered Testing

The Kirsten Wind Tunnel is well suited for powered testing. A streamlined tube can be used with any of the standard forks for housing cooling water hoses, power cables, control lines, etc. If a powered model is mounted on the Single Strut, tubing can be routed through its 0.75” diameter internal tube.

Powered Model Mounted on 14-H Fork, Hose Strut, and Pitch Arm.

Auxiliary model power

KWT has a three-phase variable frequency power supply for powering models equipped with motors for turning propellers, rotors, etc. The power supply consists of two alternators driven from an induction motor through magnetic clutches.

The power supply is remotely controlled with one control box for each alternator if run independently, or using a single box if both alternators are used in parallel. These control units can be placed in any location near the test section for convenient operation. The power leads from the unit terminate in a junction box near the main balance. Special leads from this junction box into the model are usually made for each test.

Auxiliary Model Power Specifications (* At a power factor of 0.8)​