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Pathways and Mechanisms for General Feedback and Concerns

Students have many pathways and opportunities to address department programs and activities with representatives, course instructors, and department leadership. Students may choose the pathway that they deem the most appropriate for the circumstances for issues that arise. The department also conducts surveys, assessments, and evaluations that inform programs and curricula.

Regular department feedback for students is provided at the annual autumn orientation, the autumn State of the Department presentation and the spring cohort assessment overview.

A&A student feedback form

Audience: Department leadership

For feedback on course content, course management, overall course experience, overall curriculum, department related items. Reviewed weekly. Anonymous unless student chooses to be known.

Directly contact instructor or TA

Audience: Instructor

For feedback on in-process course content and course management.

Directly contact Student Advisory Committee members 

Audience: Department leadership

For feedback that students would like to discuss with one of the student representatives to address with department leadership.

Student office hours with Associate Chair for Academics

Audience: Associate Chair for Academics

For feedback that students would like to address in a public forum.

Report It

Audience: College and department leadership

For reporting alleged incidents of student misconduct. 

Online course evaluation

Audience: Instructor and department leadership

For feedback on the overall course experience. Anonymous. Numerical data is sent to the department chair, comments sent only to the course instructor.

End-of-year overall curriculum and department cohort assessment

Audience: Department leadership and COE’s Office for the Advancement of Engineering Teaching and Learning (ET&L)

For summary feedback at the end of the year to inform September orientation. Data collected by ET&L.