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Guggenheim Lockers

The following policy governs the management and use of departmental lockers located on the first and third floors of Guggenheim Hall. These lockers are University of Washington property and are managed solely by the William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Access to this resource is a privilege. By accepting a locker assignment, users agree to the following terms and conditions. Violation of these policies (or the Student Conduct Code) may result in loss of access, fines, registration blocks, or other disciplinary action.


Locker assignments are available to students currently enrolled in and in good standing with the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics. Students interested in checking out a locker can do so by filling out the google request form.

If a student no longer needs or wants to use a locker, they must remove the lock and all personal items and notify A&A Academic Services at

Eligibility and duration of use

Currently enrolled and continuing students in the A&A department are eligible to request a locker.  After graduating or otherwise not enrolled, students must clear their lockers of all personal items. In July of each year, department will audit locker use to ensure that graduated or no longer enrolled students have cleared their locker. The department will remove and dispose of any locks and locker contents that have not been properly vacated.

Locks and security of personal property

Users are responsible for providing and using their own locks while it is assigned to them. Lockers are located in public hallways and users are encouraged to maintain appropriate security practices. The Department and the University are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Alteration or damage

Users are responsible for keeping lockers in good condition at all times. The exterior appearance of locker units may not be altered in any way. Users are responsible for maintaining the interior condition (including general cleanliness) of their locker while it is in use as well as at the end of the assignment period. Stickers are not permitted on any surface, interior or exterior, at any time. Users will be held responsible for any damage including any costs associated with cleaning or replacing the locker.

Perishables, controlled substances, weapons, and hazardous materials

Lockers are provided to support of students’ academic activities only. Perishables and controlled substances (e.g., alcohol, marijuana, etc.) are not permitted in department lockers at any time. Weapons of any kind are not permitted in department lockers at any time. Flammable, volatile, or other hazardous materials (including lab and cleaning supplies) are not permitted in lockers at any time. The Department reserves the right to inspect lockers at any time to ensure the safety of all members of the Department and University community.

Unauthorized use

The Department reserves the right to remove and dispose of any lock and/or locker contents for a unit that has not been duly assigned to a current student.  Lockers are assigned to a single individual and are non-transferable to others.