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STF Ultra Fast Framing Camera Rental Request

The Kirana 05M Ultra-Fast Framing Camera is a Student Technology Fee resource available to all students for use on research projects. The camera can record 180 frames of video at up to 5 million frames per second. Some of its many applications include plasma imaging, combustion research, material deformation analysis, and spectroscopy. 

The following videos were recorded with the Kirana:

Fill out the following form to briefly describe how you will use the camera in your research project. A student custodian will notify you that your request has been received and will provide you with a liability form and an estimated rental window. Rental periods are one week long and will require additional justification for extension. Students are required to provide a laptop with an Ethernet port to operate the camera and to attend a 30 minute training session in 036 AERB on the first day of the rental period.

The camera rental includes a basic Nikon lens and heavy-duty tripod. Students will need their own triggering mechanism and Ethernet cable.