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Mitsuru Kurosaka

Faculty Photo

Aeronautics & Astronautics


  • Contributed to an eclectic mix of gas dynamics topics-- non-reactive and reactive flows-- ranging from fundamental to applied levels. Consulted many companies and served in national committees.Visiting professor at MIT and ENSMA (France).
  • Non-reactive flows: noise and flutter of the aircraft fan engine at the General Electric Research Center, followed by energy separation in flows, jets, and vortex dynamics.
  • Parlayed concepts from non-reactive flows into reactive flows to resolve detonation problems.
  • Led a team of students and colleagues to design and successefully operate a rotating detonation engine.


  • PhD California Institute of Technology
  • MS University of Tokyo
  • BS University of Tokyo

Select publications

  1. 'Design and Experiments of a Continuous Rotating Detonation Engine:a Spinning Wave Generator and Modulated Fuel-Oxidizer Mixing' (with J.A. Boening, J.D. Heath, T. J. Byrd, J.V. Koch, A.T. Mattick, R.E. Breidenthal, and C. Knowlen) AIAA -2016-4966, presented at AIAA Propulsion & Energy, July 27,Salt Lake City, Utah (2016)
  2. 'Theoretical and Experimental Consideration of the Continuous Rotating Detonation Engine' (with C. Knowlen and J.A. Boening) AIAA-2016-4967, presented at AIAA Propulsion & Energy, July 27, Salt Lake City, Utah (2016)
  3. ‘Spinning detonation, cross-currents, and the Chapman-Jouguet velocity’ (with N. Tsuboi), vol. 756, pp.728-757, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2014).
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