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Research Area: Controls

The study of controls deals with the position, direction, safety, and communication aspects of a single vehicle or swarm of vehicles in motion through air, water, or space.

We offer courses in the guidance, navigation, and control (GN&C) of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) as well as the optimization and control of networked systems. Our professors are leading research in control of autonomous systems, bio-inspired engineering, model predictive control, dynamical modeling, and estimation for single and distributed systems. Several are focused on the development of analysis tools that address the temporal, spatial and nonlinear challenges posed by autonomy.

UW A&A undergrad and graduate students have the opportunity to explore practical applications for autonomy by gaining hands-on flight-testing and field operations experience with interdisciplinary collaborators and partners.

Our department’s research is applied in a number of industries including: agriculture, communications, photography, public utilities, shipping, media, spaceflight and the military. 


Controls Faculty

Research Topics

  • Automatic Control - Açıkmeşe, Mesbahi, Morgansen
  • Autonomous Vehicle Control - Açıkmeşe, Mesbahi, Morgansen
  • Automation 
  • Control Theory - Acikmese
  • Dynamics - Açıkmeşe, Livne, Morgansen
  • Flight Operations 
  • Optimization - Açıkmeşe, Livne, Mesbahi, Morgansen
  • Underwater Vehicle Design - Morgansen
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems