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Description Filename
*Test Letter - information for data reduction & model installation required by KWT prior to testing. (call for most recent version)
*Sample run log for review.  Please review the sample and let us know what variables you would like noted on the run log for your test. We will then customize the template for your test. RUNLOG.PDF

Additional Information about Testing at KWT

Description Filename
Standard data names used at the facility. STDNAMES.PDF
Introduction to testing at KWT. TESTING_SUGGESTIONS.DOC

CAD Files

Description Filename
Main strut fairing (wind shield) and single strut using truncated fairing cap 4.6. FAIRING.PRT
Clutch face for trunnion blocks used with the Single Strut. CLUTCH_FACE.PRT
Boeing single strut used for most aircraft tests. BOEING-SINGLE-STRUT_DETAILED.IGS
Pitch arm #1 used for aircraft tests. PITCH-ARM_NO-1.IGS
Pitch arm #2 used for aircraft tests. PITCH-ARM_NO-2.IGS
Pitch arm 7-2 used for aircraft tests. PITCH-ARM_7-2.IGS
Low Profile Pitch Arm used for aircraft tests. LOW_PROFILE_PITCHARM.IGS
Small trunnion block for the Single Strut. SM_TRUNNION.PRT
Low Profile trunnion block for the Single Strut. LOW_PROFILE_TRUNNION.IGS