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International Opportunities

International Opportunities

Aeronautics and Astronautics has student exchange opportunities with the following universities:

For more information about further A&A international opportunities, please contact

Technische Universität Berlin - Reinhardt Abraham Memorial Foundation Exchange Program

TU-B, in the heart of Germany's capital city, is founded on strong regional, national and international networking partnerships with science and industry, and has more than 5,000 students from other countries. Through The Reinhardt Abraham Memorial Foundation Fellowship, seniors and graduate students can spend six months at TU-B. While there, they participate in research projects focusing on civil air transport and the associated technology needed for its development.

Application Procedure

The Foundation provides grants for the exchange program, (food, lodging and air fare) to students from the the University of Washington and Technische Universität Berlin with a focus on civil air transport, its associated technology, and science needed for its development.  Applications are accepted twice annually for stays of 6 months that begin on April 1 and October 1. In expressing interest in this program, an interest area would have to be stated so that an appropriate supervising faculty member in Berlin can be identified. We strongly recommend making your interest known as soon as possible so that the departure dates can be adhered to. Knowledge of the German language is not required although, some competence is desirable. 

An application is made by submitting a short resume and a letter to RASF Selection Committee, c/o Prof. Jim Hermanson, stating interests, describing goals, particularly as these relate to the Foundation interest in promoting civil aviation, language competence, interest in Germany, as well as extra curricular interests. The letter should be as specific as possible regarding the area of study so that a good match with people at the TU-B can be made. The applicant must be a student at the UW and be willing to pay tuition to the UW while in Germany.  Given the requirement that most of the activity consists of working as a member of a research team (rather than taking courses). The best time for undergraduates to apply is in their senior year and any time in the course of study for graduate students pursuing an MS or PhD degree. 

Ecole Nationale Superieure de Mecanique Et D'Aerotechnique (ENSMA)

Founded in Poitiers in 1948, ENSMA has acquired a reputation for excellence by training more than 4,500 high level engineers, supported by world famous research programs in fluid and structural mechanics, aerodynamics, energy, thermal science and propulsion, materials and industrial computer science.

There are several opportunities for UW graduate students wanting to study at ENSMA: they can attend select courses, earn a full degree, or participate in a research program.

Learn more about ENSMA's exchange programs

Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC)

ENAC was founded in 1948 to prepare students for the field of air transport.  Located in the city of Toulouse, ENAC trains students for positions in the aircraft and space industry, as well as the military. Over the last 60 years, more than 4500 foreign residents from 80 different countries have studied at ENAC. 

There are many exchange opportunities for undergraduate students at ENAC, including:

Spring Semester in Aero-mechanics

Spring Semester in Aero-mechanics

Summer Aerospace Program

Summer Aerospace Program

Summer Aerospace Program Master in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (taught in English)


For graduate students, A&A has an agreement with ENAC for six-month exchanges where you can take courses in their specialized Master’s Programs, five of which are taught entirely in English:

ENAC Aviation and Air Traffic Management
Aviation Safety Aircraft Airworthiness
Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Satellite Applications for Aviation
Air-Ground Collaboration Systems Engineering
Aerospace Project Management


To learn about all of ENAC's exchange opportunities, please visit:


Summer Study Abroad Program for Undergraduates:


Groupe des Écoles Aéronautiques et Spatiales, France

This 6-week summer program is tailored for juniors or seniors students in Aviation/Aerospace with a solid background knowledge in aeronautics  and/or space sciences. The contents include scientific and technical courses, but also general conferences and visits to aeronautical and historical sites. Students study in Toulouse and Poitiers, and spend a few nights in the Basque Country where industrial site visits are organized. Classes and visits are in English.

For more information go to and click on the Summer Aerospace Program link.