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Areas of Impact

A&A graduates find employment throughout the aerospace industry and beyond. Our alumni are currently pursuing successful careers in organizations such as Aerojet Rocketdyne, Amazon, Blue Origin, Boeing, NASA and National Labs, SpaceX and more. A degree in aerospace provides a well-rounded, interdisciplinary education and produces flexible engineers who understand whole systems. 

a hand pointing at a paper model of a metamaterial

Advanced Structures

We develop structures that are not only aerodynamic, but also lighter, stronger and more flexible to increase fuel efficiency, reduce waste and boost reusability. We are also pursuing innovative strategies such as smarter materials that can alert you when they are damaged.

data visualization

Data Science

We apply data science to determine maintenance schedules, manufacturing performance and damage sensing of parts and materials. We explore data science methods and control theory in determining routes for autonomous and networked vehicles and satellites. 

Energy & Environment

We are advancing efficient launch mechanisms and fuel and propulsion options to get us into deep space. We produce aerodynamic surfaces and structures,  and we develop lighter, stronger composite materials that require less energy to produce, transport and operate.

an airplane outside a hangar

Flight Performance and Safety

We work on all of the major systems to ensure safety, durability, cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and ease of control and operation to benefit manufacturers, operators and passengers.

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Robotics & Autonomous Systems

We work on aerospace systems that include networks of satellites circling the earth, spacecraft going beyond our orbit, machines that can perform complex tasks in space, and even rovers on Earth, the Moon, Mars, or asteroids. 

Space Exploration

We are advancing key elements of space exploration from design and construction to launch of CubeSats and sounding rockets, autonomous control and navigation, precision landing on lunar and Martian surfaces, propulsion systems, rendezvous and docking, constellations and cooperative robotics.