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MAE Colloquium - Winter 2014

The Aerospace Engineering Colloquium (AE 598) is a required course that satisfies the professional development component of the Master of Aerospace Engineering (MAE).MAE students are required to complete nine (9) credits of colloquium participation to satisfy the degree requirements. Only students admitted into the MAE degree program are eligible to enroll in this course for credit. However, all students and faculty are welcome to attend.

Topics may include current research and advances in aerospace technology as well as other themes relevant to the professional development of aerospace engineers. To earn credit for this course, students must complete a required set of writing assignments.

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Robert Breidenthal

January 6

Aviation Safety: Past, Present, and Future

  • Terry McVenes, Director of System Safety and Regulatory Affairs - Boeing Commercial Aircraft
    The Boeing Company


Presentation Slides (pdf)

Suggested Readings:

(1) Reaching the Next Level of Aviation Safety (Federal Aviation Administration - Safety Team, 2008)
(2) "Jerry Lederer: Mr. Aviation Safety" (Flight Safety Digest, 2002)


January 13

Aircraft Certification: Cradle to Grave


Presentation Slides (pdf)

Suggested Readings:

(1) FAA Order 8110.4 - Type Certification (Federal Aviation Administration, 2011)
(2) "Systems Engineering" (


January 20

Campus Holiday - No Classes


January 27

Certification Fundamentals


Presentation Outline (pdf)

Presentation Slides (pdf)

Michael H. Borfitz: Website


February 3

The Evolution of Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Requirements


Presentation Slides (pdf)


February 10

Airworthiness Directives


Presentation Slides (pdf)


February 17

Campus Holiday - No Classes


February 24

No Class



March 3

Flight Test of Transport Category


Presentation Slides (pdf)

March 10

Aircraft Icing


Presentation Slides (pdf)

Suggested Readings:

(1) Inflight Icing (Federal Aviation Administration: Webinar)
(2) Aircraft Icing (NASA Training Course)
(3) Aircraft Ice Protection (Federal Aviation Administration: Advisory Circular, 2006)
(4) Think Ice! Icing Awareness for BAE Systems Regional Aircraft Operators (BAE Systems, 2010)
(5) Certification of Transport Category Airplanes for Flight in Icing Conditions (Federal Aviation Administration: Advisory Circular, 2004)
(6) Pilot Guide: Flight in Icing Conditions (Federal Aviation Administration: Advisory Circular, 2007)