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3x3 Wind Tunnel Resources for Students

Training: After submitting a request for tunnel time, all 3X3 users must complete the required EHS online training modules and attend on-site safety and operational training with the Test Engineer. Email to schedule.

Tunnel Operation: Please refer to this short operation manual for a reminder of tunnel controls once your initial training is complete. 

Health and Safety: All users of the tunnel must complete the following list of online EHS safety courses.

Standard equipment: The following standard equipment is available for Junior design projects and Capstones. Notification must be given prior to your scheduled wind tunnel time of which equipment you desire to use.

  • Analog and thermocouple measurement through National Instruments DAq
  • 2 x sting-mounted, six component force/moment balance (see below for details)
  • 2 x manual turntables for model manipulation about the z-axis
  • Two axis (y,z) pitot traverse
  • Oscilloscope (TDS 210, 60MHz, 1GS/s)
  • Signal generator (GFG-8016G, GFG-8216A)
  • Power supply (2x GPC-3030D)
  • Scanni-valve controller for efficient measurement of pressure taps
  • Pressure transducers: (Pitot - Baratron 226A, Static Taps - Omega PX653-10D5V )
  • Type-K thermocouples
  • Theatrical smoke visualization
  • Wool tuft surface flow visualization

Sting mounted force/moment balances:

Sting 1: 0.75” Diameter - CAD Model

  • Up to 200lbf normal and side force components (400lbf each total)
  • Up to 50lbf axial (drag) force
  • Up to 60lb-in roll moment

Sting 2: 0.5” Diameter

  • Up to 100lbf normal and side force components (200lbf each total)
  • Up to 55lbf axial (drag) force
  • Up to 45lb-in roll moment