Owen Williams

Owen Williams

Research Assistant Professor
Office: 318C Guggenheim
Phone: 206-543-6880

3'x3' Wind tunnel manager

PhD, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University
MEng, Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College, London

Williams Lab Website

Dr. Williams studies turbulence and its resulting impact on vehicles, the atmosphere and engineering design. Heat transfer, compressibility and flow separation are all phenomena that greatly impact the design of vehicles or environmental processes but can be very difficult to model accurately. To advance our understanding of these flows, Dr. Williams examines the structure and scaling of turbulence using a combination of novel experiments that push the limits of current measurement technologies, and analysis techniques, such as machine learning and dimensionality reduction methods, that aim to take advantage of the vastly expanding quantity of experimental and computational data currently available.

Owen Williams was born and educated in Toronto, Canada before moving to England to complete his Master’s in Engineering from Imperial College, London. He obtained his PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University, experimentally examining the effects of compressibility and stratification on wall-bounded turbulence. Before joining the University of Washington he was a Research Associate at the University of Maryland, computationally examining turbulent scaling theories for hypersonic turbulent flows as well as shock boundary layer interactions.