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UW A&A Professor Anshu Narang-Siddarth Elected Chair of the AIAA GNC Technical Committee

An image of Anshu Narang-Siddarth with the AIAA GNC logo

Professor Anshu Narang-Siddarth is the new Chair Elect of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Technical Committee on Guidance, Navigation & Control (AIAA GNC). AIAA technical committees consist of world-wide experts in their fields who help to develop, support, and administer AIAA functions including conferences, publications, awards, and student design contests. The Guidance, Navigation and Control Committee advances the technology and provides forums for the theoretical and practical consideration of techniques, devices, and systems for the navigation, guidance, and control of flights vehicles and the control of related aerospace systems. Professor Narang’s term as committee chair begins in May 2018.