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Machine Shop Equipment

Reserving shop time

Please fill out this A&A Equipment Request Form to request shop time with the equipment you need for your project.

Available equipment

Collage of machine shop equipment

Manual Lathes
Lathe- Graziano- Sag 180
Lathe- Hardinge- HLV - H
Lathe - Turnmaster - 1550
Lathe - Victor- 1660
Lathe - Weisser -2840

CNC Lathe
CNC -Lathe- Trak -TRL- 1440

Manual Mills
Mill- Aliant - 48CV
Mill- Bridgeport - Series I
Mill Index 645

CNC Mills
CNC-Mill- Tormach - PC1100
CNC- Mill- Trak - DPM
CNC - Mill Haas TM1

Cameras and Imaging
High-speed camera- Phantom V12
PIV Imaging System
DIC Imaging System
Nikon D7500 Camera

Load Frames
Micro-Load Frame
Instron Load Frame

Composite/Prepreg Storage Freezer
High-Speed Data Acquisition System
Laser-Cutter - Coherent- Meta- 10C
Printer Fortus 400mc
Vacuum Resin Infusion System for Composites
Wabash Hot Press
cDAQ chassis PXI chassis