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A&A Student Computer Lab

The Aeronautics & Astronautics Student Computer Lab is located in Room 212 of Guggenheim Hall. The A&A computer lab is designed to provide all department students with access to the tools and software they need to be successful in their A&A coursework. The lab consists of 38 general-purpose "thin client" terminals that use the COE-VDI server images, several "restricted" PCs, 3 printers, and 2 scanners. The lab is a secured room, requiring students to swipe their Husky Card to gain entrance. This allows us to provide students with access to the lab 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are one of few computer labs on campus that allow 24x7 access!

General Purpose PCs

The A&A student computer lab has 38 "thin client" workstations.  These are available to all students, and are configured with all the mathematical and engineering software needed for A&A coursework (as provided by the COE-VDI system. These general-purpose workstations are all running on "Thin Client" devices that connect to the COE-VDI system.

Two additional "Special Purpose" workstations have attached Canon flatbed scanners and include Abode Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for image manipulation.

"Restricted" PCs

In addition to the 38 general-purpose workstations, the A&A computer lab has a few "restricted use" computers. These computers are restricted to login by students enrolled in the Capstone Airplane Design class during Winter and Spring quarters.


The A&A student computer lab has 2 printers, including one color printer. Printing is available to all students for a nominal fee. See Printing Information for more detail.

Personal Laptops

Students with access to the A&A student computer lab are welcome to bring their personal laptop computers into the lab, as long as they do not prevent students from using open computers. There are some "empty" work tables in the lab with power and Ethernet ports available for students who chose to work using their personal laptops. Wireless network access is provided in the lab through the UW Technology wireless network.

Computer lab