2018 Senior Capstone Projects

The BSAAE includes an intensive senior capstone project providing students with focused industry mentoring, interdisciplinary teamwork, written and oral communication skills, engagement with regulatory requirements, fiscal and procurement management, social and ethical considerations, and market awareness. The 2017-2018 Senior Capstone projects include the following options:

Large team rocket and payload »

(Advisers: Knowlen) Large team effort focusing on design and construction of a cubesat rocket payload. This team collaborates closely with the extra-curricular, student-organization "SARP", which includes freshmen through junior undergraduates.

Large team flight vehicle design and construction »

(Advisers: Livne, Nelson) Large team effort focusing on design, construction and flight of a scaled fixed-wing aircraft from first principles.

Industry Sponsored Small Team Projects

  1. AeroTEC | Trailing pressure measurement system
  2. AT&T| LTE Antenna for Tethered Drones
  3. Blue Origin | New Glenn Booster Robotic Approach
  4. Boeing | STOL Hybrid-Electric STOL air taxi
  5. GKN | Effects of Defects – Embedded Materials
  6. GKN | Effects of Lip Skins and Leading Edge Defects on SFC
  7. Sagetech | Angle of Attack Sensor for Small UAS
  8. Vulcan | Poacher Discovery and Tracking from an Aerial Vehicle

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