Academic & Student Services

Behcet Açikmeşe Behcet Acikmese, Assoc. Chair for Academics

Welcome to the William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics!

As an A&A student at the University of Washington, you join a long and proud history of world-class education and innovation in aerospace engineering. Throughout your time in our department, our Academic and Student Services staff will be here to help you make the most of your education.


Ed Connery

Ed Connery, Director of Academic Services
"My role is to help enhance our students’ experience by implementing policies and practices that support the teaching and learning mission of our department, including resource planning for academic programming and HR services for Academic Student Employees (RAs and TAs)."



Undergraduate Programs

Undergrad Adviser, Stanley Choi

Stanley Choi, Academic Adviser

"My role is to help students utilize all the great resources and opportunities the department, college, and university have to offer."


Graduate Programs

Graduate Adviser, Danyel HackerDanyel Hacker, Academic Adviser

"I provide day-to-day support to all graduate students including admissions and recruitment, academic advising, course planning, and degree requirements."