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Thermally stratified boundary layer data

Thermally stratified low Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer turbulence profiles for flow over smooth and rough walls. This PIV data was published in Williams et al. (2017) — see below.

The cases highlighted in the above paper are included in the link below. As a result, each set of smooth-wall and rough-wall profiles is for a single flow velocity and variable isothermal wall temperature. Eight smooth and rough-wall cases are included, with ‘N’ denoting the neutral, non-stratified case.

Data files:

Data are available in ‘.csv’ or Matlab formats. In the latter case, the flow conditions are found within the data structure ‘Cond’ and wall-normal profiles are within the data structure ‘Prof’.  Please refer to the README file and the original paper for details on each parameter and its calculation. Data have been truncated at ‘z_10%’. Data in the scaling of Sorbjan (2012) are included only for the range of wall-normal positions used in the corresponding figures shown in Williams et al.

For more details or questions please contact  O. Williams.


Williams, O., Hohman, T., Van Buren, T., Bou-Zeid, E. and Smits, A.J. (2017), “The effect of stable thermal stratification on turbulent boundary layer statistics,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics812, p. 1039-1075