University of Washington Plasma Sciences

  • Prof. Thomas R. Jarboe, PSI Center Director
  • Prof. Uri Shumlak, Group Leader: Edge and Dynamic Neutrals
  • Prof. Brian A. Nelson, Group Leader: Interfacing for Validation
  • Dr. Chris Hansen, Group Leader: 3D Tolologies and Advanced Boundary Conditions
  • Dr. John O'Bryan, Group Leader: Plasma Self-Organization and Sustainment
  • Susan Griffith, Research Consultant: Interfacing Group
  • Luisa Pareja-Klemisch, Administrative Assistant

The University of Wisconsin Center for Plasma Theory and Computation

The Utah State University Department of Physics

  • Prof. Eric D. Held, Lead Developer: Two-Fluid, MHD Transport, and Relaxation Group
  • Jeong-Young Ji, Two-Fluid, MHD Transport, and Relaxation Group