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Interface Group Collaborative Experiment

Bellan Plasma Group (CIT)
Laboratory simulation of solar prominences
PI: Paul M. Bellan

Field-Reversed Experiment: FRX-L (Los Alamos)
High density FRC formation and translation for Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF)
PI: Thomas P. Intrator

Helicity Injected Torus - Steady Inductive: HIT-SI (UW)
High-beta spheromak sustained by Steady Inductive Helicity Injection (SIHI)

Leviatated Dipole Experiment: LDX (MIT)
Exploration of the physics of plasma confinement in a magnetic dipole field
PIs: Michael Mauel and Jay Kesner

Magneto-Bernoulli Experiment: MBX (UTx Austin)
Self-organized rotating states
PI: Roger Bengston

Pulsed High Density Experiment: PHD (UW)
Fast FRC formation, translation, and passive compression

Sustained Spheromak Physics Experiment: SSPX (Livermore)
High-temperature spheromak formation and sustainment by coaxial helicity injection
PI: Harry McLean

Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment: SSX (Swarthmore)
Spheromak/FRC formation, merging, and reconnection studies
PI: Michael Brown

Translation, Confinement, and Sustainment Experiment: TCS (UW)
FRC formation and sustainment by rotating magnetic fields
PI: Alan Hoffman

The ZaP Flow Z-Pinch (UW)
Sheared-flow stabilization studies on a Z-pinch
PI(s): Uri Shumlak and Brian A. Nelson