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Two of Antonino Ferrante's papers chosen for special review

March 10, 2017

Antonino Ferrante

Every month, the Journal of Fluid Mechanics selects one paper published in their bi-monthly journal for special review by an expert in the field. The latest two papers published by Professor Antonino Ferrante (principal investigator of the Computational Fluid Mechanics group) in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics have received this recognition. In Feb 2017, the paper by Dodd and Ferrante (JFM 2016) titled, “On the interaction of Taylor length scale size droplets and isotropic turbulence” was selected for this distinction. This “Focus on Fluids” explains the context, importance and implications of the paper to a wider scientific audience, highlighting both the key findings and breakthroughs of the paper and the implications of the research for future activity.

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