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UW A&A Professors Dabiri & Yancey Elected by AIAA as Associate Fellows

Photos of Dana Dabiri and Robert Yancy with the AIAA logo

This fall, Professors Dana Dabiri and Robert Yancey were both distinguished by their notable contributions to the aerospace community and honored with the title of AIAA Associate Technical Fellow. This is an distinction that only one out of 150 voting members earn through peer nomination and a rigorous selection and approval process each year. The complete 2017 class list is published on the AIAA website.

Professor Dana Dabiri is focused on Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Turbulence. As an experimentalist, he studies fundamental fluid flows through new and advanced quantitative flow imaging techniques.

Affiliate Professor Robert Yancey leads the UW A&A Masters of Aerospace Engineering course on Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace. He is also Vice President of Additive Manufacturing at Altair.

Both Dana Dabiri and Robert Yancey will be formally inducted as AIAA Associate Fellows at the upcoming Associate Fellows Recognition Ceremony at the 2017 AIAA SciTech Forum in Grapevine, Texas.