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A&A PhD student Kevin Manohar receives Herbold Fellowship

Clarice Mauer
January 22, 2024

 Kevin Manohar headshot

A&A Ph.D. student, Kevin Manohar

A&A Ph.D. student Kevin Manohar earned the prestigious Herbold Fellowship from the College of Engineering. This fellowship is designed to bolster the endeavors of masters and early-career doctoral students within the College researching within the fields of data science and computation.

At the forefront of groundbreaking research, Manohar is an integral member of the Williams Turbulence Lab, led by assistant research professor Owen Williams. His expertise lies in the innovative application of physics-informed machine learning to model turbulent flow, unraveling the intricacies of energy transfers between turbulence and large-scale disturbances.

While machine learning has shown great promise for the prediction of fluid dynamics, the wide range of eddy sizes and timescales presents a particularly challenging problem that has so far defeated many methods that have been transformative in simpler flows.

Williams expressed his congratulations over the award, stating that it was “a great testament to Kevin's dedication in the lab and the advanced nature of his work, applying promising machine learning approaches to the complexities of experimental and turbulent data. His novel approach will greatly help us predict these flows and therefore have a significant impact on vehicle design, environmental processes, and energy generation, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable solutions.”