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Fall, Winter, Spring, Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:00pm
Summer, Mon-Th 9:00am-4:00pm
Closed between quarters
(Hours subject to change)


  • Ask your PI/advisor which budget number you should use for Coral registration
  • If you are working on multiple projects, you may have more than one budget number. If you have more than one budget number, complete the registration process with one of your budget numbers. Once your registration has been fully approved, you can add additional budget numbers from the CORAL web interface at, on the My Profile tab.
  • You can choose which budget number to use when you log in to the shop - ask the shop staff if you need assistance.



  • The final registration step will be for you to register and attend a shop safety orientation. After the orientation, AA Shop Staff will approve the final step. You may then reserve time or register for other training in the AA Machine Shop.
  • Use the A&A Coral Registration Instruction for guidance.


No, you must go through the Coral registration processes again to utilize AA department equipment.


  • You must have an AA Coral account and complete the AA Safety Orientation. You then log into AA Coral, go to Lab > Courses, then register for desired course.
  • Use the A&A Coral Registration Instruction  for guidance.


Some hand tools may be loaned out, email to ask about borrowing equipment.

No, the AA Machine Shop is only open to users during posted hours

No, you must have an associated budget for a UW course/research to utilize AA Machine Shop equipment.

No, the AA Machine Shop is open to UW students, staff and faculty.

The last step of the Coral registration will ask the user to register for a scheduled safety orientation.