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New Law of Fluid Mechanics

Researchers in A&A’s Computational Fluid Mechanics Lab discovered a new law of fluid mechanics, a branch of physics, that will aid the future of aircraft design. The “Law of Incipient Separation” defines the maximum slope of an aircraft fuselage to avoid the separation of airflow that increases pressure-drag. 

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Cat Hannahs


Cat Hannahs

A&A senior and Brooke Owens Fellow

Cat Hannahs made it to the Husky 100! As Chief Engineer of SARP, she leads the team of 150 students in the design, manufacturing, testing of a student-developed bipropellant rocket. She supports technical decisions and integration across avionics, propulsion, structures, and payload sub-teams.

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Husky 100

"During my time at the UW, I have been able to thrive as an engineer and gain hands-on knowledge outside the classroom, which will serve me in pushing the human boundaries of space exploration."

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