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Chair's Distinguished Seminar Series

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The Chair’s Distinguished Seminar Series brings scholars of national and international reputation who have made an impact in the field of aerospace engineering and beyond. This seminar series will cover a diversity of topics of current interest to those in academia, industry and the general public. It is our hope that these monthly seminars will encourage an exchange of ideas and bring aerospace engineering and science to the forefront. Please join us for our upcoming seminars.

William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Distinguished Seminar Series:

4:00pm to 5:00pm, Mondays
Electrical Engineering Building, Rm 105
UW Campus, Seattle WA

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On Monday Jan. 23, 2017, we welcome:

Professor & Chair
Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Michigan

Talk Title:

Avian Inspired Multifunctional Morphing Air Vehicles


Morphing or shape changing wings on aircraft is as old as the Wright Brothers who used wing warping actuated by cables for flight control. Because of the need for rigid wings to avoid flutter this type of flight control gave way to discrete control surfaces (flaps, rudder, aileron, elevator). In the late 1990’s interest returned to using shape changing wing configurations to replace discrete control surfaces. Most solutions where based on using conventional actuation schemes and were not much influenced by avian motions. Here we trace some of the more recent morphing efforts and discuss a program to integrate smart, multifunctional materials and structures into avian inspired morphing aircraft for flight control of unmanned air vehicles.

Speaker Bio:

Daniel J. Inman received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Mechanical Engineering in 1980 and is Chair of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, as well as the C. L. “Kelly” Johnson Collegiate Professor. Since 1980, he has published eight books (on vibration, energy harvesting, control, statics, and dynamics), eight software manuals, 20 book chapters, over 330 journal papers and 600 proceedings papers, given 62 keynote or plenary lectures, graduated 62 Ph.D. students and supervised more than 75 MS degrees. He works in the area of applying smart structures to solve aerospace engineering problems including energy harvesting, structural health monitoring, vibration suppression and morphing. He is a Fellow of ASME, AIAA, SEM, IIAV and AAM.


01.30.17 | Philippe H. Geubelle
Professor and Head
Aerospace Engineering
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

02.06.17Richard Wirz
Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles

02.13.17 | Lars Blackmore
Principal Rocket Landing Engineer

02.27.17Norman Wereley
Professor & Chair, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Director, Composites Research Laboratory
University of Maryland

03.06.17 Satya Atluri
Professor Emeritus, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Irvine 


  • Rodney Bowersox (TAMU) | 11/28/16 - Flyer | Video
  • Noel Clemens (University of Texas) | 11/14/16 - Flyer | Video
  • Zdenek P. Bazant (Northwestern) | 11/07/16 - Flyer | Video
  • Tom I-P Shih (Purdue) | 10/24/16 - Flyer | Video
  • Charbel Farhat (Stanford) |  10/10/16 - Flyer | Video