Lab Safety Training

At the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, we are committed to ensure that all students work in an environment that is safe and encourages collaboration as well as individual growth.

As incoming Juniors, you will find yourself learning quickly how to work in a laboratory environment. All students who will be taking AA 320 will be required to complete FOUR online UW safety training modules before they can participate in lab. Once an online training module is completed, your name will show up in a database as completed. Any student that does not complete all FOUR online safety trainings, is subject to being dropped from AA 320.

The FOUR online trainings required for AA 320 are below. All training classes are found in the Environmental Health and Safety Training Courses.

  • GHS-Globally Harmonized System (also known as Hazard Communication) (25 mins)
  • Electrical Safety, Basic (25 mins)
  • Fire Extinguisher Training (30 mins)
  • Managing Laboratory Chemicals (120 mins)

Please email Fiona Spencer, A&A Department Research Scientist/Engineer, at with any questions.