Lab Use Policy

The William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics has made a commitment to provide the best possible instructional computing resources to its students. We need the help of every student using our facilities to preserve the facilities for every other student’s use, and ask that you read, understand, and comply with the following GUG 212 Lab policies.

Respecting the Lab and Other Students

Students historically have enjoyed 7x24 lab access to the lab. The GUG 212 furniture is in good condition and continued around-the-clock student access is contingent upon all students treating the lab well. Abuse of the lab, including computers, furniture, and floors by any student will not be tolerated. If students do not maintain the lab in an acceptable condition, access to the lab will be eliminated for all students.

Workstation Availability There are simply not enough workstations to allow students to monopolize them. If the lab is busy, do not camp out at a workstation for an extended period. Get your work done and free up the workstation for another student.
Workstation Integrity Each workstation is configured with its own LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse, which are to remain connected at all times. Do not remove the monitor, keyboard, or mouse cables for use with your laptop.
Cleanliness You are responsible for cleaning the lab. Please clean up your work own work area by depositing waste and recycling in the appropriate container.
Noise The lab is a large room with no sound deadening. Though loud noise may not bother you, respect the rights of others to work in a quiet environment by keeping your voice to a conversational level.
Session Length/Idle Session Logout If there are limited free computers available in the lab, please restrict your computer use to essential coursework and vacate the lab whenever possible. There is a 30-minute idle session logout in effect – 30 minutes of inactivity will result in your session being logged out automatically. Be diligent, as any open documents may be corrupted or lost during auto-logout!
License Check-In Most engineering software applications are licensed by concurrent use count and are limited in number. If you are finished using an application, please exit to return that license to the available pool for other students.
Damaged/Missing Equipment Respect the lab equipment and furniture. Please report any damage to the computing support staff.
HuskyCard Access Required NEVER prop open the door to the GUG 212 Computer Lab or open the door to unauthorized persons. Students with a legitimate reason to be in the lab will have had their Husky Card added to the lock database.