Master of Aerospace Engineering (General Studies)

The Master of Aerospace Engineering (General Studies) is a multidisciplinary professional graduate degree. The MAE (General Studies) emphasizes the applied skills and experience needed in industry and differs significantly from the Master of Science in Aeronautics & Astronautics (MSAA), which emphasizes preparation for independent, academic research. (See also: MAE (General Studies) Admissions)

The MAE (General Studies) is a terminal degree (does not lead to a PhD).

This degree is an intensive, full-time, coursework-only graduate program to be completed in one year. Courses generally meet in the evening, once per week. Students are expected to attend class in person and will have limited access to distance-learning resources.

MAE (General Studies) Degree Requirements:

Credits, Enrollment, & Time to Degree
Registering for Classes
Curriculum & Requirements
Required Schedule
Distance Learning

Credits, Enrollment, & Time-to-Degree

Total Credits: MAE (General Studies) students are required to complete a minimum of 36 graduate-level MAE-specific credits within the William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics.

These courses are designated with the prefix "A E". Courses outside the department will not be accepted toward degree requirements.

Full-Time Enrollment: You are expected to enroll full time, taking at least 12 credits per quarter. Courses meet in the evening, once per week.

Time-to-Degree: Assuming continuous enrollment (autumn, winter, spring) and satisfactory academic performance, you can finish in one year.

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Registering for Classes

MAE (General Studies) students register through MyUW. For more information please refer to the UW Student Guide.

Registration dates and deadlines can be found on the campus' Academic Calendar.

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Curriculum & Requirements

The 36 required MAE (General Studies) credits are distributed among an analytical methods course and technical engineering courses. All "A E" classes meet once-per-week in the evening.

Analytical Methods: All MAE (General Studies) students are required to take A E 501, "Analytical Methods for Aerospace Engineering" in their first quarter in the program.

Technical Courses: In addition to the required analytical course, you must complete 32 credits (8 classes) of technical aerospace engineering courses. MAE (General Studies) students do not declare an area of concentration and therefore, should simply select the most appropriate classes offered in the year they enroll (most advanced classes are not advisable).

Master Of Aerospace Engineering (General Studies)
Analytical Methods
Technical Courses
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2018-19 Schedule

MAE (General Studies) students are expected to finish in one year. This will require full-time enrollment (12 credits) for all three quarters. General Studies students should be prepared to maintain an extremely rigorous schedule of required courses.

Almost all MAE-General Studies courses meet once per week, in the evening.

Analytical Methods (AE 501)
Aircraft Noise (AE 523)
Fatigue and Fracture (AE 542)
Linear Systems Theory (AE 510)
Mech. of Composites (AE550)
Finite Element Analysis (AE 541)
Classic Control Theory (AE 511)
Mechanics of Solids (AE 540)
Fluid Dynamics (AE 520)

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Distance Learning

MAE (General Studies) students are expected to attend class on campus.

General Studies students will not have access to distance learning services such as off-site exam proctoring or course materials handling. Similarly, as with all full-time, on-campus students, final grades for General Studies student may reflect in-person class attendance and participation (as determined by the instructor).

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