Information for Sponsors

We welcome project proposals from industry! Of particular interest are projects that are primarily self-contained but which must integrate with a larger system.

Project Proposal Requirements

Proposals should provide a small team of four to six students with a set of engineering design and performance criteria that requires deep analytical study on a topic directly relevant to aerospace engineering and that will result in a demonstrated physical prototype. Projects that are primarily self-contained but which must integrate with a larger system are preferred.

Skills Required of Student Teams

We are particularly open to topics that require team membership from non-aerospace disciplines such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or computer science. At this time, no ITAR restricted projects will be allowed.

Projects are expected to require a range of complementary skills from aerospace disciplines including:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Propulsion and power
  • Control, sensing, and avionics
  • Communication
  • Structures
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials

Project Duration

The duration of work on the project will be roughly six months, starting in early January and finishing in early June.

Industry Sponsor Commitment

To participate in the program, an industry sponsor must commit to providing a technical mentor who will meet with the team for one to two hours each week during the duration of the project.  The sponsor must provide at least one site visit for the student team, and students are encouraged to hold their weekly technical mentor meeting at the industry location, if at all possible.

A faculty adviser will be provided for each team and will work with the team a comparable amount of time as the technical mentor. 

Mandatory Adviser Meetings

Teleconferencing for the weekly meetings is possible, but attendance at the following events is mandatory for the faculty adviser and an industry mentor on each team who is meaningfully engaged in the project:

  • Early December - Mentor/adviser orientation and team kickoff
  • Early February - Systems Requirement Review
  • Mid-March - Preliminary Design Review
  • Late April - Critical Design Review
  • Early June - Final Design Review and Capstone Showcase

Intellectual Property

A standardized agreement for IP rights has been developed by the College of Engineering and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. Currently, we have a single structure for IP. Students and the UW will grant the sponsor a non-exclusive royalty free (NERF) right to project intellectual property for any purpose. Specifically, the company, the students, and any faculty involved in the project are all granted the freedom to use the inventions that came from the project at no cost.

Participation Cost

The cost for sponsoring a project during the 2017-18 academic year is $15,000. These funds will be utilized to offset costs of campus capstone lab facilities, shared equipment, and administrative support of the program.  Of those funds, $3,000 will be designated for student materials costs. If additional project costs are expected, sponsors are requested to supply an appropriate amount of funding for materials and supplies for the project that will not be provided either directly by the sponsor or by the UW.

Proposal Review

All submitted projects will be reviewed by the UW A&A Undergraduate Committee and are subject to approval by the Committee. Some adjustments to project proposals may be requested to comply with educational guidelines of our program.

Please be advised that projects will be ranked and selected based on:

  • Academic relevance
  • Appropriate scope
  • Student interest
  • Mentor involvement

Ensuring a successful experience for both the students and the industry partner is a top priority for this program. Please be aware that we may not have sufficient numbers of students to match teams to all projects. If your project is not selected, we are happy to hold the project for the next year and/or to work with you to find alternate collaborative opportunities with the department.

If your project is selected, please be prepared to submit your $15,000 sponsorship payment within 30 days.

Proposal Submission

Project proposals, mentor volunteering, and sponsorship information are now being accepted. Learn more about project proposals.

Download a Project Proposal Form


If you have any questions about the project proposal intake process, please email our Industry Capstone Program Director, Jill Dalinkus, or Associate Chair for Academics, Prof. Kristi Morgansen.