2015-2016 Industry & Small Team Design

The University of Washington (UW) College of Engineering Industry Sponsored Capstone Program (option (iii)) is a college-wide effort that is designed to provide effective project-based and team-based education of undergraduate students to meet the needs of engineering, science and industry.  The structure of the UW College of Engineering program is based on assessment of a dozen industry-sponsored capstone programs around the country as well as decades of experience with our existing capstone projects in UWAA and other College of Engineering capstone programs.

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  • UW E&SS Lunar/LEO cubesat (Advisers: Winglee, McCarthy): Design and construction of flight ready systems for a LEO or Lunar cubesat mission. Launch in 2018.
  • Boeing (Advisers: Salmon, Narang): Conversion of A-10 to Wethog firefighting capabilities. Students performed tests with a scaled flight model provided by a Boeing partner. NDA required.
  • TLG Aerospace, LLC, The Loads Group (Advisers: McComas, Lum): Analysis and design of crop spraying/seeding capabilities for a fixed-wing UAV. Students worked with an existing fixed wing vehicle, applied for an FAA CoA and performed multiple flight tests.
  • mTorres (Advisers: Elia, Aliseda): Automated fastener placement and inspection for wing structures. NDA required.
  • Tethers Unlimited, Inc. (Advisers: Muhlbauer, Yang): Design and construction of a materials recycling system for use in space. Recycled material to result in feed stock for 3D manufacturing in space. NDA required, US citizenship required.
  • Spaceflight Industries (Advisers: Ross, Hermanson, Lin): Design of a new butane propellant tank for the Scout satellite system.



We gratefully acknowledge additional funding support from the following industry partners:

Blue Origin
Aerojet Rocketdyne