We have the following experimental apparatus available for student and industry research endeavors:

Kirsten Wind Tunnel

Closed loop, 8ft x 12ft x 10ft, capable of speeds of 200 MPH.

Kirsten Wind Tunnel


3' x 3' Wind Tunnel

Open loop, with a test section 3ft x 3ft x 8ft, capable of speeds of 125 MPH.

3x3 wind tunnel


Macro/micro-scale 2D-PIV/PTV



Macro/micro-scale 3D-PTV

The channel dimension is 22 mm × 6 mm × 0.35 mm before the step and 15 mm × 6mm × 0.6 mm after the step. The laminar flow is driven by a syringe pump (NewEra NE-1000), and deionized (DI) water is used as the working fluid. 2 μm polystyrene particles (Polybead® Microspheres, Polysciences Inc.) are used as the tracer particles. Units shown are in um.

High-Speed Imaging System (IDTVision Y4L camera)

(image courtesy of IDTVision)