CFM Videos

Droplet Evaporation in a Turbulent Flow - Gallery of Fluid Motion, APS-DFD (2017)
Droplet Laden Isotropic Turbulence - Gallery of Fluid Motion, APS-DFD (2015) | GFM Video
Modulation of isotropic turbulence by particles of Taylor-lengthscale size (2010)
JFM Video
LES of an Inclined Jet into a Supersonic Turbulent Cross-Flow (2009)
High-Resolution Video | Low-Resolution Video
Decaying Isotropic Turbulence Laden with Particles of Taylor-Lengthscale Size (2007)
Vortical Structures in Single-Phase and Bubble-Laden Turbulent Boundary Layers (2003)
High-Resolution Video | Low-Resolution Video