Computational Fluid Mechanics Database

The computational fluid mechanics (CFM) database is a collection of three-dimensional data (e.g. velocity field) for complex turbulent flows.

The CFM research group has generated these data by performing DNS and LES using high-performance supercomputers.

The database provides references, instructions and post-processor to read and plot the data.

Currently the CFM database shares the instantaneous DNS data of spatially developing turbulent boundary layer (SDTBL) at Reθ=1430.

The CFM database will continue to grow as more data becomes available.

In order to download the data, please fill the registration form after clicking the following link:

CFM Database Download Registration

Note: The download page is a dynamic link, which changes its URL every 10 days. If the URL has been changed and you can no longer access the data, please re-register. If you have any problems with the CFM Database please email A. Ferrante.

If you use the database please cite the related publication and the database as
"A. Ferrante, CFM Database,"